Album: YG – 4REAL 4REAL Album

Album: YG – 4REAL 4REAL Album MP3 Track List / Zip File

Stream and Download latest Album by YG – 4REAL 4REAL Album Full MP3 Track List and Zip File

American rapper “YG” finally release his most anticipated project “4REAL 4REAL Album”.

The new project houses fourteen (14) tracks and guest artist such as Tyga, Jonz, SAFE, Meek Mill and others.

American rapper and actor from Compton, California, Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson, better known by his stage name YG, drop his new project today as scheduled.

The fourteen tracks project that is anticipated on his social media some months back.

YG suppose to release the project on April 12th but as a surprise he decided to push it back in wake of his good friend Nipsey Hussle’s passing.


The bulk of the Compton rapper’s track dropped last month was dedicated to his late friend Nipsey Hussle.

During his Coachella performance, the rapper told the audience that he delayed dropping his record because of the unexpected death of Nipsey.

Album: YG – 4REAL 4REAL Album MP3 Track List / Zip File

But for those few moments, YG let it be known that he thinks “snitch n*ggas” are “b*tch n*ggas.”

His most trending song from the project Go Loko Ft. Tyga & Jon Z has all his says about the late American rappers.

His mention of 6ix9ine is, of course, a reference to the rapper’s current legal case where it’s rumored that his cooperation with federal investigators has led to the arrests of a number of his associates.

YG has released mixtapes such as The Real 4Fingaz, Just Re’d Up, Just Re’d Up 2, 4 Hunnid Degreez, and many others.

About YG

YG drop his debut album “My Krazy Life” on March 18, 2014.

The album is produce by Pu$haz Ink, CTE World and Def Jam, and receive critical acclaim.

On June 17, 2016, he released his second studio album, Still Brazy , to critical acclaim.


On August 3, 2018, YG released his third studio album, Stay Dangerous, to generally positive reviews.


Track List

01.  YG – Hard Bottoms & White Socks // DOWNLOAD MP3

02.  YG – Bottle Service // DOWNLOAD MP3

03.  YG – In The Dark // DOWNLOAD MP3

04.  YG – Go Loko feat. Tyga & Jon Z // DOWNLOAD MP3

05.  YG – Stop Snitchin // DOWNLOAD MP3

06.  YG – I Was On The Block feat. Valee & Boogie // DOWNLOAD MP3

07.  YG – Keshia Had A Baby feat. Rose Gold // DOWNLOAD MP3

08.  YG – Heart 2 Heart feat. Meek Mill, Rose Gold & Arin Ray // DOWNLOAD MP3

09.  YG – Play Too Much feat. SAFE // DOWNLOAD MP3

10.  YG – Do Not Disturb feat. Kamaiyah & G-Eazy // DOWNLOAD MP3

11.  YG – Do Yo Dance feat. Kamaiyah, RJ, Mitch & Ty Dolla $ign // DOWNLOAD MP3

12.  YG – Her Story feat. Day Sulan // DOWNLOAD MP3

13.  YG – My Last Words (Nipsey Tribute) // DOWNLOAD MP3

14.  YG – Stop Snitchin (Remix) feat. DaBaby // DOWNLOAD MP3



Stream and Download the Full Go Loko Ft. Tyga & Jon Z Zip File below;



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